Making a Senior Residence Feel Like Home


Transitioning to a senior home is not easy. Some seniors struggle with big changes a lot more than others. But there are many ways you can help your loved one feel more at home.

Elizjoseph Healthcare LLC is here to give you a few tips that you can use:

  • Be smart with the decor
    When packing for your loved one’s move to an Assisted Living Facility, make sure to bring as many framed photographs and treasured belongings as you can.

    If it fits the space, you can also use their own furniture to decorate the interior. You can also ask the facility if you can repaint your loved one’s room with familiar colors they have at home.

  • Get social
    It is important that you encourage your loved ones to make new friends. Spending time with other seniors in a facility for Nursing Care in Minnesota will help make the adjustment period much easier for your senior.

  • Things to do
    Encourage your senior to pick up new hobbies as soon as they get settled in their senior home. Learning a new activity will help seniors feel more engaged with their new living environment.

  • Invest in care
    Finding an assisted living facility that also offers premium Home Health Care Services in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota can help make your loved one feel at ease as they are assured that all their health care needs will be met.

We hope these tips help make your loved one’s transition to a new home a bit easier. If you are on the lookout for an assisted living facility that offers healthcare services and Homemaker Services, you’re in the right place. Just dial 612-886-9404 to get in touch.

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