Healthy Mind, Graceful Aging

Healthy Mind, Graceful Aging

Just as you need physical exercise, you also need to work your brain out to avoid mental decline. Follow these tips for preventing cognitive aging from home health care services in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota:

  • Keep being mentally stimulated
    There are many activities to keep your brain working out, and these include as simple as reading, playing games, or making art. Adult foster care offers opportunities for these mental gymnastics and more.
  • Improve your diet
    A provider of nursing care in Minnesota recommends that you eat a Mediterranean style diet that emphasizes fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, plant sources of proteins, and unsaturated oils. If not, then simply make sure that your diet is nutrition-enriched.
  • Improve your blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol
    Controlling your levels of these three can significantly decrease your risk of cognitive decline or dementia, and it’s not too late even if you already are aging. Maintain a healthy weight, diet, and lifestyle, all of which an assisted living facility can help you with.
  • Quit smoking and excessive drinking
    If you should drink alcohol, limit it to two drinks a day as well as avoid smoking in all forms.
  • Protect your head
    Concussions, diagnosed or not, moderate to severe, can lead to an increased risk of cognitive impairment, so protect yourself from head injuries at all costs.

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