Fall Safety Tips for Seniors to Avoid Injury at Home


The leading cause of hospitalization in seniors is due to falling. As we age, our risk of falls increases. This is most likely because of impaired vision, chronic conditions, medication side effects, and physical decline, among others.

To help keep you or a senior loved one safe, here are some things you can do:

  • Make sure that the house is clean and organized. Remove any hazards that they may trip on, like cables and wires of appliances. Place all their essentials in shelves, cabinets, and drawers that are easy to reach.
  • Invest in support bars for the bathroom. The bathroom is the most slippery part of the house because it is almost always wet. Plus, it can cause major injuries because it is full of hard surfaces.
  • Install adequate lighting in every corner of the home. A senior’s eyesight won’t be as reliable as a younger adult’s so, every area must be well-lit to ensure they see where they’re going or what they’re stepping on.
  • Hire the assistance of caregivers. The best safety precaution for a senior is to have a companion. Homemaker services are perfect for families that can’t stay home the whole day.

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